Terms & Conditions:

- The above mentioned residential unit reservation will be valid ONLY upon receiving the reservation security fee which is equal to one month rent, to be paid through current dated cheque, wire transfer, or cash. It is nonrefundable in case of booking cancellation regardless what the cause or reason is; however,upon proceeding with issuing the Lease Agreement, this fee will be considered as the security deposit for the selected property.
- Upon failure to deliver the rest of the financial requirements before the official move in date, Danat Qatar has all the right not to approve the Move In procedure until the full financial requirements are met AND/OR cancel the unit reservation and hold the reservation security fee submitted earlier.
- Minimum contract duration should be at least one (1) year.
- A draft copy of the original contract is already reviewed and approved by the client before signing this Property Reservation Form.
- Client confirms his/her viewing and approval for the selected unit.
- Client confirms that he/she read, understood, and accepted the Policies and Procedures of the Compound.
- Copy of Client ID/ Passport and full contact details to be provided.
- Upon signing the Lease Agreement and submitting all the cheques/payment, the client agrees to pay 2000 QR to Danat Qatar LLC in order to arrange the transfer of electricity and water meter under his/her name.This amount will be refunded by Kahrama upon paying all the outstanding Kahrama bills during his/her stay in the unit and a copy of the receipt of final settlement should be submitted to Danat Qatar.