About Danat Qatar

Danat Qatar L.L.C is a premium Real Estate company privately-owned by Mr. Ali Hussein Alfardan, who is also the Vice Chairman of Alfardan Group.

Manifested from the vision of Mr. Ali Alfardan, Danat Qatar has come into a competitive real estate market, to set the bar higher than it has ever been. Since its establishment in 2005, Danat Qatar has leapt to the forefront of real estate companies setting new trends and elevating the standards of luxurious living, quickly building a reputation for itself as a premium property developer and a luxurious property management company.

Danat Qatar has managed at a young age to set itself apart from the competition through unrelenting dedication to perfection, vastly apparent through its attention to details, quality building materials, and luxurious furnishings, not to mention the extravagant facilities, and emphasis on client care which have positioned Danat Qatar at the crest of real estate companies in Qatar and the region.

All of our endeavors, creative capabilities, and dedication have resulted in Danat Qatar’s properties becoming Qatari landmarks.

The constant pursuit of innovative ways to provide more to our clients has landed Danat Qatar one of the highest levels of customer satisfaction rates in the Qatari Real Estate market.


These core values that have been instilled in the Alfardan family’s business practices have truly fostered a success story on a global scale.The success story that is the Alfardan family,does not end with the Alfardan Group, it extends well beyond that, and incarnates itself in a new generation of visionary business men, in the lead of whom is Mr. Hussein Alfardan, the Chairman of Alfardan Group.

Following the footsteps of his great father, Mr. Ali Alfardan, Vice Chairman of Alfardan Group and Chairman of Danat Qatar (to be deleted), founded Danat Qatar, with a vision of it being the epitome cultivation of all the years of experience and success in the real estate industry.


Our vision at Danat Qatar is to be the top rated Real Estate Company in Qatar and the region, providing luxurious residential solutions for those who are looking for a living experience that is worthy of royalty.


We at Danat Qatar seek to deliver a quality of lifestyle to which there is no peer, through a vast range of facilities, amenities, services, & customer care that are sure to leave you with a feeling of sheer satisfaction.

About Alfardan Family

Synonymous with luxurious, elegant and exclusive lifestyle products and services, the Alfardan Group is one of the most prominent organizations in Qatar today, and has been for the last half century. Beginning with Mr. Ibrahim Alfardan’s pearl trading more than a century ago, the Alfardan family has been active in many different business sectors with an uncompromising commitment to integrity, trust, premium service, and social responsibility.