Danat Qatar is a privately held real estate company, founded and helmed by Ali Hussein Alfardan, who is also the Vice Chairman of Alfardan Group. Since its very inception in 2005, Danat Qatar has earned a stellar reputation for its dedication to develop bespoke properties and to provide clients with every conceivable comfort, these endeavors have catapulted the company to the forefront of real estate development and property management in Qatar.

With its constant pursuit of innovation, Danat Qatar has become one of the most trusted names in the industry, through its commitment to delivering living options that meet the most discerning tastes and fulfilling the dreams of having a lifestyle and homes that breath a quintessential living.


The Qatar real estate market is transforming, and it is a matter of pride that we, at Danat Qatar, have been and continue to be among the key developers that have catalyzed this transformation.

From the very beginning, our intention has been to not merely build homes, but to create magnificent landmarks and enriching lifestyles. This unique approach to real estate is clearly what sets us apart. Infusing our Middle Eastern tradition of hospitality into the business of real estate enables us to preempt the needs of our clientele, placing us a cut above the rest.

With every property we create, we aim to fulfil the Qatar vision 2030 of His Royal Highness Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani, thereby ensuring that our diverse set of clients have all the space and comforts for an elevated, sought-after lifestyle.

Ali Hussain Alfardan


Danat Qatar vision has always been driven by a clear purpose – to lead the real estate industry by building bespoke properties and provide communities with a tailored lifestyle and superior services achieving the highest rates of client retention and customer satisfaction.


Danat Qatar runs on trust, commitment and credibility and we commit to lead the local market by developing sophisticated properties designed by incredible artistry & craftmanship and deliver upscaled lifestyle through impeccable property management and customer centric services.


Alfardan Group is one of the most prominent business conglomerates in the Middle East. From its beginnings in the pearl trading led by the family stalwart, Ibrahim Alfardan, over a century ago, to its foray and eventual leadership in a multitude of sectors. Alfardan Group continues to scale new heights under the esteemed direction of Hussein Alfardan.

Following the footsteps of his great father, Ali Alfardan founded Danat Qatar Real Estate, with the same dedication, core values and commitment to excellence exemplified across his family’s businesses.


Dana means pearl, but not just any pearl. It is the most precious, natural rare pearl, reserved for royalty. Danat Qatar epitomizes Alfardan family’s most precious and cherished legacy inherited across generations, which is the natural ability to make people feel welcomed and included.

We live in a country that truly is a melting pot, with people from the most diverse backgrounds and cultures and it is one of our greatest endeavors to engage our community and make them feel home. We believe that a community is not just a collection of homes, but a place where people can come together and build lasting relationships. That’s why we’re dedicated to creating engaging and welcoming spaces where our residents can experience an enriching prosperous life.


Danat Qatar’s core business relies on projects development, facility management and property leasing, with a portfolio listing of iconic low-rise buildings, mid-rise towers, compounds including apartments and villas that are strategically located, elegantly designed and served by professionals and well-trained staff.


General Manager

At Danat Qatar, we are passionate about exceptional real estate, and we understand what it takes to build and maintain high-quality properties. Our team of experienced engineers and construction experts is dedicated to delivering the best possible product to our clients.

Every property we curate is a testament to our commitment to excellence. From the initial design phase to the final construction details, we leave nothing to chance. We use the latest technologies and materials to ensure that our properties are both beautiful and durable.

We also operate in locations where our clients need us to be, providing premium service that is both locally expert and globally informed. Our determination to give our clients the best has made us an innovative business leader in exceptional customer service in Qatar.

General Manager

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